Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies Presents

International Research Conference 2019

Date: 14th March 2019

Venue: ITC Grand Central, Mumbai

Time: 9:30 AM onwards

Round 1 deadline has been extended till 14 February 2019


" Social Innovation : For Transforming the World "

The greatest discoveries are born out of necessities and a larger vision. The economic environment is globally plagued with a scarcity of resources and individual level growth. This needs to be addressed as optimal utilization of resources by collaborative consumption is the need of the hour. Business organizations need to encourage creation, development, adoption, and integration of new and renewed concepts, systems, and practices that put people and the planet first. Private sector should come forward to solve the social problems via public private partnership (PPP). This has to be done to cater to not only existing demands but also for the future demands of the masses. In this new age, businesses can’t only be profit-oriented but must also contribute to the growth of the society at large. For stimulating such growth, social entrepreneurship, shared economy, public private collaboration can be the way forward. Organisations need to bring in their expert management and technologies along with emphatic business practices to solve the existing problems of society and cater to the future needs of transforming the world.

* Subject to Change